United States Government

General Services Administration (GSA)


  • Federal Organizations
  • State and Local Agencies
  • Academic Institutions


Asian Development Bank

  • Strategic Management Consultancies and Doctrine and Training

United Nations

  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • United Nations Secretariat (UN Secretariat)
  • United National Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Educations, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  • United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
  • United Nations Procurement Division (UNPD)
  • United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)
  • United Nations Women (UN Women)
  • World Food Program (WFP)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)

Australian Federal Police

Design, Survey, Monitoring and Evaluation Services Panel

  • Doctrine, Policy and Editorial Support Services

Australian Federal Police - Australian Institute of Police Management

Panel of Presenters for Training Programs

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management
  • Change Management
  • Personal Development
  • General Management
  • Policing and Emergency Services Related

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

National Plan Technical Services

  • National Plan Exercise
  • National Plan Technical Writing
  • Exercise and Post Incident

Australian Public Service Commission

Business Services Panel

  • Business Category 1 – Business and organisational planning, development and management services
  • Business Category 2 – Governance and planning services
  • Business Category 3 – Procurement and contracting services
  • Business Category 4 – Project management services
  • Business Category 5 – Facilitator services

Department of Defence

CAS-SS – Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Support Services

  • Project Support
    • Project Management Support
    • Risk Management
    • Schedule Management and Work Breakdown
  • Business Support Management
    • Business Support
    • Facilitation Services
    • Procurement and Contract Management
    • Strategic Business Advice
  • Systems and Software Engineering
    • Software Engineering
  • Acquisition and Sustainment Logistics
    • Training Needs Analysis
  • Publication Authoring and Technical Writing
    • Doctrine Publication Authoring Support
    • Publication Authoring
    • Technical Writing
  • Training
    • Training Analysis
    • Training Design and Development

Defence Professional Services Panel

  • Business Management Services

DSSP – Defence Simulation Support Panel

Services Category:

  • Enterprise Level Governance, Policy, Education, Training and Design Services
  • Simulation Policy, Governance, Concept Planning and Project Documentation
  • Simulation Workforce Development and Education and Training Processes
  • Simulation Concept Development, Standards Integration and Forecasting and Exploitation

Labour Category:

  • Simulation Business and Process Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Simulation Technology
  • Integrated Logistic Support

Department of Employment

ICT Technical and Advisory Panel Arrangement for ICT Consultancy Services

  • ICT Governance and Management

Research and Evaluation (RES) Panel

  • Service Category 1 – Research Services
  • Service Category 2 – Evaluation Services

The following agencies have been approved to use the Department of Employment, RES Panel under Service Categories 1 – Research Services and 2 – Evaluation Services.

  • SafeWork Australia
  • Department Veterans’ Affairs
  • Australian Skills Quality Authority
  • Australian Public Service Commission
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • National Health Funding Body
  • Austrade
  • Department of Treasury
  • IP Australia
  • Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity
  • Department of Education & Training
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Department of Health

Department of Finance

Gateway Reviewer Multi Use List

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Change Project Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • IT Project Management
  • Operations Support Experience
  • Procurement
  • Project Management

Dynamic Sourcing for Panels (DS4P)

Department of Human Services

Market and Social Research Panel

Category 4 – Research Operational Support Services

  • Recruitment Services (as relevant to market and social research)
  • Project and/or Research Instrument Design Advice
  • Interview, Group or Workshop Facilitation
  • Data Collection Services
  • Data Analysis Support
  • Report Design and/or Finalisation
  • Research Skill Development Support for Departmental Staff

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Consultancy and Business Services Panel

Category A – Management Consultancy

  • Management Consultancy and Business Improvement Services
  • Business Process Analysis and Business Facilitation Services
  • Service Level Agreement and Client Service

Category B – Service Delivery

  • Organisational Framework, Capability and Change Management Advice

Category C – Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Governance Advance (including Strategic Planning and Management Reporting)
  • Corporate Compliance Services

Category D – Risk Management

  • Business Continuity Management Services
  • Risk Management Services and Training

Category E – Human Resources

  • Strategic HR Issues

Category F – Management and Conduct of Investigations

  • Fraud Control

Program Evaluation Service Panel

  • Evaluation Readiness
  • Conduct of Evaluation

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Business Services in the Energy Efficiency Field, Relating to Appliances and Equipment

  • Consultation and Liaison with Consumers and Other Stakeholders
  • Market and Social Research
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Training and Communication
  • Project Management

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Multi Use List – Provision of Security Consultancy Services of Relevance to the Office of Transport Security

  • Assessment of Transport Security Plans
  • Assisting with Transport Security Audits
  • Conducting Risk Assessments of Transport Infrastructure or Operations
  • Development and Facilitation of Counter-Terrorism Exercises
  • Development of Materials for Capability Building Exercises
  • Development of Policy Advice on Specific Security Issues, especially Emerging Issues
  • Providing Assistance/Guidance to Industry Participants Regarding Security Planning and Risk Assessment

Infrastructure Advisory Services

Category 2 – Project Assessment and Implementation Advice and Analysis

  • Scoping Reviews
  • Financial and Strategic Risk Analysis
  • Assessment of Project Delivery Approaches
  • Assessment of Project Strategic Merit
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Project Cost Estimation (including Contingency Calculation) Theory, Methodology and Practice
  • Project Financing and Funding Models Analysis, including, inter alia, Tolling, Public-private Partnerships, Transit Oriented Developments, Land Value Capture
  • Procurement Options Analysis, including Public-private Partnerships
  • Best Practice Infrastructure Provision
  • Project Post-implementation, Audit and Compliance Reviews and Assessments

Category 3 – Strategic Transport Planning

  • Applied Economics
  • Asset and Portfolio Management
  • Planning Systems and Corridor Analysis
  • Transport and Transit Analysis, with a focus on Urban Areas
  • Port and Freight Systems Analysis and Coordination
  • Network Principles, Design, Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Future Needs and Capacity Analysis

Category 4 – Engineering and Operations Services

  • Quantity Surveying Information
  • Technical Reviews, and, if necessary, Suggestion of Other Options
  • Operational Analysis, and, if necessary, Suggestion of Other Options
  • Costing Reviews and Analysis from detailed technical specifications
  • Other Engineering Advice as required

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Collaborative Evaluation, Research and Planning Panel (CERP) and Multi Use List

  • Collaborative Evaluation, Research and Planning

Department of Social Services

Provision of Social Policy Research, Evaluation, Data Investment and Professional Development Services – Social Policy Research and Evaluation Panel (SPREP)

Social Policy Research Services

  • Design and/or Review Research Proposals
  • Conduct Quantitative, Qualitative and/or Action Research
  • Manage Research Projects within time constraints including Contract Management
  • Provide Technical Advice, Support or Guidance on Social Policy Research
  • Disseminate Research Findings to Departmental Audiences through Reports and Presentations
  • Subject to the conditions for use of contract material, Publish and Present Research Findings to a Wide Range of Audiences
  • Provision and Supervision of Research Conducted by Postgraduate Students or Junior Staff of a Service Provider

Evaluation Services

  • Design and/or Review Evaluation Plans and Frameworks Including Program Logics and Performance Indicators
  • Conduct Needs Analysis
  • Conduct Evaluations
  • Manage Evaluation Projects within time constraints Including Contract Management
  • Provide Expert Advice on Program and/or Policy Evaluation
  • Report and/or Present Evaluation Outcomes to Departmental Audiences
  • Subject to the conditions for use of contract material, Publish and Present Evaluation Outcomes to a Wide Range of Audiences

ACT Government

ICT Contracting and Related Business Services

  • Business Analysis, Process Re-engineering and Organisational Change
  • Business Systems
  • Corporate Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture and Solution Design
  • ICT Strategic Planning
  • Independent Review
  • Program and Project Management

Expenditure Review and Evaluation

Investment Logic Map Workshop Facilitators

New South Wales Government

Performance and Management Consultancy Scheme

  • Performance Reviews
    • Agency and Program Reviews
    • Policy/Strategy Reviews
    • Legislative/Regulatory Reviews
  • Organisational Capability
    • Corporate and Business Strategy and Planning
  • General Technical Expetise
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Asset Management

ICT Services Scheme – Registration Supplier List

  • Category E – Strategy
    • E01 – ICT Strategy
    • E03 – Efficiency and Optimisation
  • Category H – Risk Management
    • H01 – Strategic Risk Management
    • H02 – Business Continuity Planning
  • Category I – ICT Programs
    • I02 – Project, Program and Portfolio Management
  • Category Q – ERP and Related Corporate and Shared Services
    • Q01 – Professional Services

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Provision of Business Services Panel:

  • Category 1 – Corporate Communication and Stakeholder Management Assistance
  • Category 2 – Change Management and Performance Management
  • Category 3 – Business Improvement / BPR / Project Management (Non-Infrastructure Projects)
  • Category 4 – Workshop Facilitation (of Technical or General Content)
  • Category 5 – Technical and Operation Audit
  • Category 6 – Technical Writing
  • Category 7 – Workplace Health and Safety Assessment
  • Category 8 – Third Party Audit, Assurance and Certification

Queensland Health

Leadership, Management Development and Executive Coaching Services

  • Design and Develop Leadership and Management Programs and Training Materials
  • Facilitate Leadership and Management Programs
  • Provide Executive Coaching Services

Lismore City Council

Professional Services:

  • Asset Management Services
  • Sustainable Development Services
  • Land and Property Services
  • Corporate Management Services
  • Human Resources Services

NSW Local Government

NSW Local Government Amalgamation Supplier Panel

  • Human Resources
  • Process Management
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Change Management
  • Project & Program Management

Wollongong City Council

Provision of Consultancy Services – Corporate Governance and Services Review

  • Auditing of Register
  • Claims Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal Services
  • Policy Development and Education
  • Risk Management