The Australian Civilian Corps (ACC) was formed in 2011 to bridge the gap between emergency relief and long term recovery programs, and to enhance the quality of Australia’s response to situations of disaster and conflict. ACC members were specialists in: agriculture and sustainable livelihoods, aid coordination, disaster risk reduction, education administration, electoral assistance, financial management, health administration, operational management, public sector management, needs assessments, planning and monitoring, stabilization and recovery and law and justice.

Noetic was employed to develop and deliver training courses to prepare ACC members for possible deployments. Training courses needed to cover every aspect that might occur during a deployment and had to be designed to cover both theoretical knowledge as well as its practical application.


Noetic analyzed, designed, developed, delivered and evaluated ACC Foundation Training courses. This work was done in collaboration with the Learning and Development Section of the People and Planning Branch within the ACC. The courses consisted of three days in a classroom environment covering the required theoretical knowledge after which the participants were deployed to a simulated environment for a further three days. In the simulated operating environment all foreseen possible practical aspects were covered. The course was then concluded with five scenarios where all teams faced typical encounters that could occur in a deployment.

Noetic assisted with the further professional development of the ACC members by arranging courses identified as being beneficial. Examples include: Essentials of Humanitarian Practice, International Humanitarian Action Training Practice, Senior First Aid and Remote Area First Aid Courses, Personal Security and Communication Course and many more.

Noetic was also tasked to assist with pre-deployment training for identified members. A Post-Deployment Working Group was facilitated where lessons learned were identified and valuable information was gained for further deployments.


Noetic successfully delivered 19 ACC Foundation Training Courses, training more than 500 specialists over a three year period. This has allowed the Australian Government to send ACC members on around 100 deployments in over 15 countries since its establishment in 2011, totaling more than 470 months of assistance.