Australian Department of Defence


The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been optimizing its higher command and control (C2) arrangements since the Iraq War in 2003. In part this was driven by the imperative to establish a Joint Headquarters in a new location that would, for the first time, fully integrate higher operational planning and specialist support functions. At the same time, Defence had to achieve significant manpower savings mandated by government. The challenge for Defence was to develop a C2 structure that was fully integrated, effective and efficient, while simultaneously delivering personnel savings. Defence has used Noetic since 2003 to assist in the review, implementation and refinement of its higher C2 arrangements.


Noetic has worked in close collaboration with a number of Chiefs of Defence Force, commanders and headquarters’ staff across a range of tasks:


Defence has made significant improvements to its higher C2 arrangements and accomplished the personnel efficiencies required. The transition to these new arrangements has been one of the largest organizational change programs in Defence. The work allowed Defence to reconceptualize how its leadership commanded and controlled operations. Noetic’s involvement from the outset and consequent knowledge and experience has made us a trusted partner able to assist with any refinements to Defence’s C2 arrangements.