Infrastructure Australia


In 2009, the Australian Government announced that Infrastructure Australia and the National Transport Commission would develop a National Ports Strategy (NPS) for consideration by the Council of Australian Governments. Infrastructure Australia required expert consultancy support to assist them in finalizing the development of the NPS and to begin its implementation.


Noetic was well-placed to provide Infrastructure Australia with expert advice and assist with finalizing and implementing the NPS. We applied our global ports and freight transport experience to engage key public and private port and supply chain stakeholders across Australia to achieve this. Key actions undertaken by Noetic included:


The NPS was ratified by the Council of Australian Governments. Ports in Australia had too often been planned in isolation – this issue was addressed as a result of extensive stakeholder engagement carried out for this project, which brought a clearer focus to the importance of master planning and landside integration within ports. As a result, future port and supply chain infrastructure investment strategies continue to be drawn up through these processes.

The NPS can be accessed here