Australian Customs and Border Protection Service


The Border Protection Command (BPC) was set up in March 2005 as a functional joint Command made up of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Australian Defence Force. The broad mission of the BPC is to coordinate the protection of Australian assets, the interception of shipping and counter terrorism in the offshore environment. Noetic was engaged to assist in creating BPC’s operating arrangements to undertake its mission. Noetic has continued to provide implementation support to BPC as it has matured.


Noetic has worked in close collaboration with the Commanders and staff of BPC across a range of tasks:


BPC has matured as an organization with a crucial operational role in the protection of Australia’s borders through Noetic’s implementation support. The trust and understanding developed between both organizations has provided BPC with a safe set of hands and an ‘assurance partner’ to assist whenever the need arises. Importantly, the benefit of this strong relationship allows an agile response to access support to a broad range of areas and functions.