Macarthur Disability Services, NSW Australia


Macarthur Disability Services (MDS) engaged Noetic to develop a stakeholder and practical marketing plan to assist it and its staff to prepare for the next iteration of their strategic plan in the context of the government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In developing these plans, Noetic had to take into account the changing operating environment as a result of the NDIS and the desire of MDS to be a leader in delivering quality services.


Noetic conducted a review of relevant business documents, strategies, program plans, procedures and corporate guidance documents available. This review provided Noetic with an understanding of the existing and future stakeholders and current marketing strategies that allowed gaps, risks and issues to be identified. This initial research provided the evidence base for the next stage of the project.

Noetic then consulted with internal stakeholders including MDS staff and representatives as well as the Client Rights Group. Noetic developed a stakeholder and practical marketing plan based on this research and consultation and presented it to MDS for review and feedback. Noetic then worked with key stakeholders to ensure its relevance and veracity and amended the stakeholder analysis and marketing plan accordingly.


MDS was provided with fit-for-purpose stakeholder and practical marketing plans. The plans were evidence based and included feedback from key stakeholders thus ensuring their credibility and acceptance. Both plans were incorporated in MDS’ strategic plan as well as MDS’ day-to-day operations and staff training.