The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship


In 2013, the senior leadership of the Australian Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) engaged Noetic to undertake a number of reviews into various strategic frameworks, including the Status Resolution Capability Framework and the Investment Management Framework. As part of this boarder set of reviews Noetic was tasked to conduct a health check of the DIAC Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework.



Noetic delivered a report outlining areas of weakness in DIAC’s risk framework and identified specific areas for improvement. The areas for improvement included development of materiality criteria, a move to identify and focus more on risk controls, and greater clarity in reporting to the Executive Committee. Noetic recommended these findings could readily be addressed within a relatively short time frame, with initial changes occurring over 3-4 months, and organization-wide implementation taking about 18 months in total. Noetic provided an indicative road map and timeline for how this might be achieved in the report.