Noetic Shortlisted as Defense Business of the Year

Noetic has been shortlisted as a finalist in the category of Defense Business of the Year at the 2018 Optus My Business Awards. The Awards acknowledge best practice within industry sectors, business leaders, excellence in customer service and achievements in innovation, corporate social responsibility and workplace culture. Our category recognizes ‘the defense business that has most effectively capitalized on market opportunities and drive demonstrable growth.’

Our CEO Andrew Balmaks offers his account of our growth, starting from his progression from long-term service in the Australian Army to founding Noetic Group in 2001.

– by Andrew Balmaks

When Peter Murphy and I started Noetic, we recognized a great start-up opportunity to write doctrine for the Army. This doctrine effectively preserved corporate memory and presented this as endorsed codified knowledge that could be used in training and on operations. This work sparked my broader vision of what might be possible in building a viable, alternative consulting firm to rival larger professional services organizations specializing in serving the government sector.


Peter and Andrew, our founders.

I’ve been very proud to see Noetic grow over the last 17 years, and to see us solidify our reputation for driving practical, lasting and innovative solutions for the Department of Defense and to significantly grow across the government sector. Our team has always been made up of an experienced mix of professionals out of Defense, working alongside talent from the broader public and private sectors, supported by the brightest graduates and academics.

Our extensive work across the majority of groups and Services in Defense has seen Noetic establish its position as a trusted partner. Often, the work we do is invisible to the wider public. Recognition in the form of awards like these is an important way to highlight the vital contributions made by businesses to the public sector.
Today, Noetic focuses on helping organizations to ‘optimise the now’, ‘embrace the new’, and ‘prepare the next’. These are what we consider to be the three essentials of business in the 21st Century, particularly for the delivery of government services that maximize the benefits for Australia:

  • optimizing current business processes;
  • embracing and enabling essential transformation and change; and
  • preparing and investing in innovation to build future capability.

This broad but well-defined focus will allow us to drive efficiency and growth in Defense, to capitalize on opportunities by being openly innovative while ensuring quality outcomes.

I’ve always felt strongly about the need to look to the future through a strategic lens to ensure the sustainability of Noetic. Reflecting on our journey to date, I am exceedingly grateful and proud of the people who have made Noetic what it is today. After 17 years, my vision continues to be committed to the delivery of trustworthy and independent signature solutions.