Noetic has established itself as a trusted adviser across the emergency management sector. We understand the sector intimately and the challenges it faces in dealing with the forces of nature and human-induced disasters. Noetic is called upon by governments and emergency service organizations alike when they require support.

Noetic is a recognized industry leader assisting the emergency management sector, leading major reviews following disasters through to critical assessments of capabilities and facilitating organizational change. We have dealt with fire, flood, storm, pandemic, hazardous material incidents and critical infrastructure failure for almost a decade.

Working in this field requires high quality, knowledgeable people able to integrate into the sector, understand the challenges staff face and the expectations of government and community. Noetic people are drawn from a mix of in-house expertise supported by highly qualified associates, many of whom have significant command and field experience.

Noetic prides itself in the significant work we have undertaken in this sector that positively contributes to community safety and property protection. We know our advice is frank and fearless and provides practical assistance to promoting effective emergency management.

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