Noetic has a proven track record in addressing a range of national security needs, from managing weapons systems development and deployment, to understanding threats and opportunities within emerging technologies, to innovation in warrior and veteran healthcare. Noetic’s approach is to identify and bring together key stakeholders, building enduring cross-sectorial partnerships via structured debate and establishing rapport between subject matter experts.

Noetic is an industry leader and has experience leveraging cost-effective solutions from existing and emerging technologies through rigorous examination using our proprietary NeXTech (NXT) methodology. Leading examples of this are our NXT projects for the Office of Secretary of Defense and National Institutes of Health. NXT enables planning for and development of conceptual frameworks for “black swan” events encompassing future threats from state and non-state actors, and the asymmetric technology and operational options for U.S. response to those threats.

Noetic understands the challenges faced by national security clients which must manage new and emerging technologies along with established threats. We have worked with both government and private contractor partners to enact timely solutions to emerging threats with organizations such as the Department of Defense’s Rapid Reaction Technology Office and the Marine Corps.

Our established record in agile problem exploration enables the delivery of specific solutions and analyses tailored to the particular organizational needs of clients. Noetic’s research and development capabilities ensure we rapidly provide written and implementable deliverables to realize client goals and rigorously prepare client operations for exigent contingencies.

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