At Noetic we understand that every nonprofit and community organization starts with a deep sense of mission and is motivated by a desire to make a real difference in our community.

Noetic recognizes the challenges of operating a nonprofit, especially in a complex and changing environment. Noetic supports our clients through partnerships to deliver better services for the community. Noetic people take the time to deliver tailored solutions to meet their needs. We listen, and help organizations to understand the environment they work in, and, where necessary, create new approaches to address their problems. We have assisted organizations, large and small, to create their strategic plans, focus on their mission, redesign services, improve their governance and advocacy, and respond to changes in policy and community expectations.

Noetic has provided services and support to nonprofit clients in their different delivery locations. We have conducted reviews of Autism Specific Early Learning Care and Support Centers through to working with four Aboriginal Land Councils. We have worked with large welfare agencies like the St. Vincent de Paul Society, justice services like SHINE for Kids, and settlement services like the Liverpool Migrant Resource Center. Our experience includes nonprofits working with health, welfare, education, advocacy and disability services.

Noetic people understand nonprofits will be wherever needed getting on with the job; our role is to support them in this.

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