Noetic is recognized as a leading provider of high quality exercise and business simulation services to a wide range of clients. Exercises and business simulations are an extremely powerful mechanism to build collaboration and team work. Where appropriate they can be used to stress-test your organization’s personnel, plans and procedures in a non-threatening environment, where failure does not affect the organization’s ability to operate.

Noetic’s services include concept definition, design, development, delivery and evaluation for desktop through to virtual and live exercise / business simulations with supporting role play where required. Over the last decade, Noetic has successfully adapted the military’s proven approach to exercising and techniques such as simulation, wargaming, red teaming and lessons learnt into our exercising and business simulation capability. As a result, we can tailor exercises and business simulations to meet your specific requirements to:

Regardless of their size or nature, the key advantages of Noetic’s exercizing and business simulation services are that they:

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John (JP) Smith, DSM

General Manger - National Security & Defense

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