Danny Martin


After graduating from Macquarie University, Danny’s professional mentoring experience and academic background provide an informed perspective to researching clients’ projects.

Danny gained a deep understanding of contemporary security issues through his undergraduate study and brings a fresh approach to Noetic’s consultancy on both public and private sector projects. His experience as a university mentor and coach have equipped him with a variety of skills and tools to assist Noetic’s clients. Danny brings a light-hearted but driven attitude to his work and is keen to gain professional experience across a broad range of areas including defense, national security and emergency management.

Danny is a firm believer in the idea that the standard you walk past is the standard you accept. At Noetic, this translates to a persistence to provide clients with top quality support and products to assist them in achieving their goals. His pursuit of outstanding outcomes characterizes his work ethic both within Noetic and in his research for clients.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Security Studies, Master of Strategic Studies (expected completion in 2019)
Strengths/qualities: Researcher, communicator, determined.