Joshua Pearson


Joshua’s strong communication skills and talent for project management are a valuable asset for the research team at Noetic.

Joshua recently completed a Bachelor of Politics and International Relations and a Bachelor of Business Administration. He has a curiosity for national security, international affairs and diplomacy, believes in hard work, and enjoys communicating with new and diverse people.

Joshua is an alumnus of both the New Colombo Plan and International Scholar Laureate Program’s delegation on international relations and diplomacy, taking him to the United States, China, Singapore and Vietnam. He worked within HR for three years, acquiring a practical understanding of recruitment and stakeholder engagement.

Joshua began at Noetic as an intern to pursue the opportunity presented to him by the convenor of National Security at UC, and has since gone on to work on a wide range of projects. Joshua enjoys the diverse work that Noetic undertakes and the positive environment that facilitates creativity, innovation and teamwork.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Politics & International Relations, Bachelor of Business Administration
Strengths/qualities: Communicator, innovator, dedicated