Liana Dobson

Principal Consultant

Liana uses strong communication skills to identify clear goals and support complex change through implementation that sticks.

Liana has an exceptional ability to develop productive client and stakeholder relationships and generate support for continuous improvement. Liana values inclusion and diversity of thinking to identify and implement the best solutions. She has worked in a variety of portfolios and has successfully facilitated difficult conversations. Liana has mentored and coached others through change. She has established a reputation for collaborative leadership, integrity and identifying new opportunities for business improvement.

Liana came to Noetic to join a team committed to facing challenges head on. She is eager to work on complex problems facing clients and is known for her high-level strategic thinking. Liana has a strong personal commitment to delivering outcomes which are practical and sustainable. She believes that working with Noetic is an opportunity to make this happen.

Qualifications: Bachelor of International Relations, Graduate Certificate Economics (In progress), Master of International Politics
Strengths/qualities: Communicator, implementer, policy designer