Oscar Dowling

Senior Consultant

With substantial experience working at the highest levels of government, Oscar combines a strategic understanding of a project’s purpose, with a can-do attitude.

Oscar has previously worked closely for a range of well-known figures in Australia’s Government, providing strategic advice, stakeholder management and policy coordination. Oscar has an in-depth understanding of how policy is formulated through his experience working with a range of Cabinet ministers. He understands the forces that shape policy, especially in areas such as Financial Services, Industrial Relations and National Security. He is an effective manager of change, and he excels at supporting people to reach their true potential. Oscar has international experience in both North America and Scandinavia.

Oscar believes in working closely with the client’s existing resources to find innovative solutions to their problems, without causing unproductive disruption. Focusing on what a client has, rather than what it doesn’t, is an important first step for finding solutions to their problems. Oscar believes Noetic is a key institution in helping leverage a client’s existing resources, whether human or material, to make sure they are fit for purpose and productive.

Qualifications: Master of National Security Policy, Bachelor of International Security Studies
Strengths/qualities: Government relations, national security, client focus.